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First Date Ideas

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  • WideEyedandHopef ( 36 / W / Phoenix, AZ )

    Wherever you would like, I can go anywhere/open to many things. I think the first meeting should just be a short/sweet meet and greet.....just to get that impression, that glimpse of someone.

  • Carpman625 ( 54 / M / Central Square, NY )

    I prefer to message for a period of time then meet to talk. Can be coffee or a meal. No matter to me, what is important is to talk and see if there is a spark.

  • pemgal ( 45 / W / Elkhorn, WI )

    I'd be up for a lot of things. Going to local events--like a flea market, snow sculptures, car show where you can get a feel for another's interests. Going bowling or playing darts or pool--for the fun of it.

  • mello73 ( 44 / M / Killeen, TX )

    My fun date is just having fun and enjoying life.

  • HereForFriends ( 34 / M / Milton Keynes, England - Buckinghamshire )

    There are plenty of idea's but maybe both going to get a tattoo done at the same time? I mean what better way to get to know someone, if the date doesn't work out at least you end up with a good tattoo and a story to go...  read more >>

  • soranni ( 26 / M / Brandywine, MD )

    Sightseeing, long drive, walking around shopping centers, book reading or game playing with snacks, pretty much anything we could do together that would involve us talking and getting to know each other.

  • cleanstart2018 ( 49 / M / Jacksonville, FL )

    I am open

  • mommaKim02 ( 32 / W / Lake City, FL )

    Not looking for typical, surprise me im an open book!

  • 6FourHazlEyz ( 42 / M / Newark )

    To me it doesn't matter what you do, as long as you have someone whose company that you enjoy to do it with.

  • SomeSkrawnyGuy ( 20 / M / Streamwood, IL )

    I like to make a date about the very person I take out. Let her choose were ever she wants to go and that money is no object for her.

  • WVman90 ( 46 / M / Saint Albans, WV )

    I like to meet up at a neutral location like a park and have a coke and then wherever the spirits lead us ending the day/evening back at the park to sit and talk.

  • Bbubbahh ( 62 / M / Glenwood, FL )

    Maybe dinner, lunch or even coffee or drinks. Conversation and getting to know each other.

  • Moyboy ( 45 / M / Anchorage, AK )

    Go for dinner at your favorite restaurant. And maybe go for coffee or maybe some drinks.

  • lynnsw ( 58 / W / Linden, MI )

    I don't want to categorize it because I don't really know what I want it to be until I talk to that person. I want to know his likes and dislikes before putting something limiting!

  • D_1_4_U ( 45 / M / Westland, MI )

    I think a first date should be something simple but fun. After we find out a little about each other and see what we both like, we can decide if we want to go to a quiet café or restaurant, check out a museum, a game of...  read more >>

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